The Károlyi István Children Center – the previous name was Fóti Childrentown it has been in 1957, The main target to care needy children , to manage their life and  education.  In our Institution exists more than half hundred century, since has been existence a lot of things has changed. It has continuosly determinative  function in the needy children protect in national system. The Institution according to the structure is multi-function, it deals with chronicaly illness, disabled in the Especial Children Home’s Center. In the Special Children Centre take cares psychic and behavioral disorders children. The Without Attendant Under Age Home’s deals with the children who arrive to our country alone and asylum-seekers. In Fót and Mogyoród have two After-Care Home’s, there are  young adults who has been studying. The Children Centre has an exceptional nature castle park, a lot of experience what, we have acquired during the years secure favorable conditions care of the children , who removed from their familie’s.

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2018-07-18, 00:53
Részben felhős
Részben felhős
14 km/h
Hő-érzet: 20°C
Nyomás: 1010 mb
Pára: 66%
Szelek: 14 km/h NW
Széllökések: 22 km/h
UV-Index: 0
Napkelte: 05:04
Napnyugta: 20:34
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